Stand EMSA

Fair: Beauty World 2017

City: Dubai

Area: 51 m2

Elegant design created for the Beauty World of Dubai in which every detail is important to create a striking set.

The stage and the counters are illuminated at the lower part by leds of the corporative blue color. In addition to this, a vertical game is created between the overhead lamp and the inner wall.

  • La elegancia del diseño creado por JF Stands destacaba entre los expositores de la feria Beauty World 2017
  • Stand diseñado por JF Stands para EMSA
  • un juego de verticales entre la lámpara cenital y la pared interior
  • Para JF Stands cada detalle es importante para crear un conjunto llamativo
  • La tarima y los mostradores del stand creado por JF Stands están iluminados por la parte inferior mediante unos leds del color azul corporativo
  • La superficie del expositor diseñado por JF Stands para EMSA es de 51 metros cuadrados
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    Our team is comprised of the International Department, European Department, Design Department and Assembly and Construction Department.

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  • Environment

    All of our projects are disassembled and taken to our facilities, where they are recycled so we can reuse the materials in various ways and shapes.


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